July 5, 2018 – Errors For US Hosted Customers [Resolved]


As of 5:30pm central time, our team is confident that the problems are fully resolved. We will continue to monitor to ensure no lingering issues occur.

Beginning at 2:30pm central time, a¬†small percentage of our customers hosted in the US data centers have been experiencing occasional¬†outages and errors that cycle through “not found’ messages and 404 server errors.

Our team is aware of the issues and have identified the most likely cause (related to load balancing, which is why not all traffic is impacted). Refreshing pages often will bring it up. We are continuing to work to ensure fully normal operations are restored. We expect this to not take much more time.

We will update here once the issue is resolved and are working directly via email with customers that are impacted. Please feel free to contact us at contact@campuspress.com with additional questions.

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