[1:45pm EST] The outages are fully resolved. We’re still waiting for more specific information from one of our network vendors, but the problems has been confirmed to be upstream network outages. We’ll continue to monitor and work internally to determine how we can prevent and/or minimize any future potential issues of similar nature. Please let us know at contact@campuspress.com if you have any questions.

[1:15pm EST] We are still experiencing problems for a small subset of our customers based in the US. Service for Canadian customers has been fully restored. The problem is related to network issues upstream by one of our 3rd party providers. The provider is working to both restore the outage and work on redirecting traffic in the meantime. We are hoping this will be resolved shortly and we will post more updates here as we know more. Unfortunately, no specific ETA is possible.

[12:30pmĀ EST] We are currently experiencing performance problems and outages for some customers hosted in the US and Canada regions. Our team is investigating and working to resolve as quickly as possible. We will make ongoing updates here.

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